5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Jazz Up Even the Dullest Bedroom

Your bedroom serves as the ultimate portal to the land of Nod. It’s your haven where you can rest, relax, recharge, and refresh.

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You want to be able to calm your mind inside it without feeling restless or claustrophobic. You want to look around and feel happy rather than meh.

Perhaps the room is too dark and the only thing brightening it up is a boring lightbulb cooped up in an equally boring frosted glass bowl. Perhaps the furniture is too dull, or the walls are too bland. Perhaps it lacks personality, or perhaps it begs to be decluttered.

This article discusses 5 simple ways to transform your bedroom into the lively, peaceful space you deserve. Let’s get rolling.


Before you start working on revamping your bedroom, make sure it’s clean and tidy.

We aren’t talking about the regular swabbing and mopping. The idea is to rearrange certain things and toss out others that don’t serve a purpose in the room anymore.

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Aesthetically speaking, less is more. Minimalistic interior decor, especially in a bedroom, makes spaces look brighter and airier. Remember, you should have enough free space to move about without getting overwhelmed by the things around you.

Inspect the walls. Are they full of photo frames and wall hangings? Check the corners. Do you have everyday things crammed into them?

How many beds do you have in your bedroom? How many cupboards and tables would fit without making it look jampacked? What are the things you can’t do without?

Work on what to keep, throw out, and replace. Sometimes, doing this bit is half the job done.

Work on the Lighting

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Even the slightest change in your bedroom’s lighting can bring about major transformations. From the colors to the overall architectural appearance, light impacts every element in the room with the flick of a switch. Literally!

Start by updating the fixtures that bespeak a high design aesthetic. It need not be something extravagant. Find something that’s budget-friendly yet looks spectacular.

You should be looking for one or all of the following types of light:

  • Ambient Lights
    It can come from anything – ceiling lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, or even floor lamps. These are the lights you’ll need to light up the room in general.
  • Task Lights
    They are more focused on your activities. For instance, if you read in your bedroom, you might want a bedside lamp. Similarly, if you write or work on a laptop, you might want a traditional desk lamp.

    By the same token, if you are into fashion and makeup, you might want mirror lights. The task decides the type of light that should be installed.
  • Accent Lights
    If there’s a corner in your bedroom you want to highlight, you’d need accent lights. These lights are meant to draw attention and accentuate certain spaces or things, including paint, photo frames, artwork, and similar items while playing down the surroundings.
  • Dimmer Lights
    Dimmers are a transition between bright lights and complete darkness. Dimming the lights in your bedroom a few hours before sleeping enhances the quality of sleep.

    You want them in your bedroom, especially if there’s only one bright light that remains on at most times.

Update the Bed Linen

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As trivial as it might seem, changing the bed linen is one of the easiest, quickest, smartest, and most underrated ways of jazzing up your bedroom without denting your wallet.

It is one of the primary factors that determine the mood and aura of your bedroom. However, it is important to buy quality bed sheets, pillowcases, and duvets, especially if you are someone with the “princess and pea” deal.

Choose a breathable, long-lasting fabric that is machine washable and easy to maintain, especially if you are prone to allergies.

We don’t hold very strong opinions regarding colors. To each his own. However, if you want to enliven your sleeping space, opt for bright colors and strong patterns. Stripes add character, too.

On the other hand, if you want your bedroom to flaunt a rustic look, pick bed linens in neutral shades that are either plain or carry a self-pattern. Additionally, you can include some throw pillows in pop colors to add some personality.

Before you add more stuff, do thorough research on what works and what doesn’t. For instance, sites like PillowHunters tell you everything you need to know about pillows.

Include Bedroom Plants

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To be clear, we are talking about live plants and not artificial plastic plants. Bedroom plants are more than just decor. They come with a lot of physical and mental health benefits.

They boost your mood and lower stress levels, both of which are conducive to peaceful slumber. Some even work as air purifiers!

Here are the 12 best plants to buy for your bedroom:

  • Snake Plant
  • Lavender
  • Spider Plant
  • Weeping Fig
  • Rubber Plant
  • Gardenia
  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Heart Leaf Philodendron
  • Golden Pothos
  • Areca Palm

Add them to your own bedroom or gift them to someone who is contemplating a renovation.

Add a Coat of Fresh Paint

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We’ll end this article with the most cliched yet worthwhile suggestion to upgrade your bedroom: paint the walls!

Yes, a coat of fresh paint can work wonders when dullness seems to have found a permanent residence in the room where you rest. Paint is mostly cheap and, hence, makes for a wallet-friendly solution to deck up a lifeless bedroom.

So, bring out the artist in you over the weekend and do the job yourself.

Choose colors that make your bedroom look spacious. Neutral shades are fine, but remember to sprinkle a dash of contrasting or complementing colors to create a more lively space.

Do you know of other budget-friendly ways to transform a bedroom? Write to us and let us know.


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