5 Cleaning Devices That Make Your Home Smarter And More Comfortable

Most people hate cleaning. Whether it is vacuuming or window cleaning, we look at cleaning as “time badly spent.” The good news is that the technology is on our side, continually pushing the boundaries of comfort and convenience by designing and manufacturing time-saving and smart cleaning devices.

If you hate cleaning and prefer reading or watching TV over vacuuming and washing dishes, perhaps you should hear what we have to say and go through the devices we presented below.

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1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robovacums are on the rise, for obvious reasons. For starters, they are autonomous and clean your home without your interference. Robotic vacuums are also easy to use, requiring that you regularly empty the dustbin and program them according to your preferences.

They are also quite good at their job (vacuuming), featuring great brush rolls and side brushes. Some even specialize in pet-hair cleaning, like the roomba pet-hair series. 

High-end models will also feature excellent navigation technology, surface sensors, extra durable batteries, protective bumpers, and so forth. Furthermore, a lot of robo-vacuums feature multi-surface cleaning technology, which allows them to clean all types of surfaces.

They are also quiet and space-saving. Unlike your conventional vacuum cleaners, robo-vacuums are incredibly light and compact. Most importantly, they arrive with a dedicated charging dock, which the vacuum automatically uses when the battery is low.

Robo-vacuums are particularly useful for elderly and disabled people. And don’t forget the fact that most of these robotic vacuums connect to your smartphone. This feature allows you to monitor your vacuum’s activities, schedule cleaning, update software, etc.

All in all, robotic vacuums are an excellent solution for people that hate vacuuming. As long as you maintain them according to the instructions, you’ll enjoy their services for quite some time.

2. Robot Mops

True, mopping is more straightforward and less tedious than cleaning. But, it can be tiring, especially if you have to mop large surfaces of tiles or hardwood.

Robo-mops are similar to robo-vacuums but are used for cleaning different surfaces and rooms. People often buy them to clean kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Now, as with vacuums, you have older and newer versions of robot mops.

Most modern mops feature advanced sensors and various operating mods. Smart mop will (if it is sophisticated) use sensors and automatically switch between operating mods based on the surface’s requirements.

Types of modes may include wet mopping (to clean stains and dirt) or dry sweeping (to clean dusty surfaces.) Robot mops aren’t good for homes only, but can be very useful for business owners; never underestimate the value of a well-polished floor.

These mops will also come in handy in compact and cluttered space, for they often navigate smoothly between the furniture. If you decide to buy one, make sure that it comes with mops that match your surface needs (you can usually choose between wet and dry mop.)

And, keep in mind that there are robot mops that perform better in sealed, well-sealed or all-hard floors, and that one may pick up dust, dirt or hair better than the other!

3. Robot Window Cleaners

76498808 – woman cleaning windows at home with robotic cleaner

Now that we covered your floors it is time we move to windows. Many people don’t know that robot window cleansers exist. To be fair, these robots are still considered as a reasonably novel technology, so it doesn’t surprise us if you haven’t heard of them.

Robotic window cleaners are often compact, light and easy to use. They are widely used for commercial purposes to reduce operating costs and increase safety measures. But these robots come in handy for homeowners that don’t want to climb unstable ladders and risk their health so that they could thoroughly clean their top windows.

Most of these robots come with remote controllers, allowing you to navigate the window cleaner from a safe and comfortable distance. Also, most manufacturers choose to implement microfibers in the cleaner’s pads, ensuring that the robot cleans stains and dirt effectively.

Assembly, usability, and navigation should be simple. More often than not manufacturers pre-program me these devices to provide you with maximum comfort and convenience. Should you buy it, make sure that the robotic window cleaner arrives with a safety cord that will protect it from falling.

Also, check the motor’s suction power as well as weight pressure capabilities; these two factors often determine how thoroughly will the robot clean your windows.

4. Air Purifiers

As the name suggests, air purifiers ensure that you breathe healthy air. Believe it or not, purifying the air is much more complicated than you might think.

Most modern purifiers feature HEPA filters. These filters were invented for gas masks to protect soldiers from inhaling toxic fumes and chemicals.

Today, we use HEPA filters to purify the air from dust, pollen, allergens, and other potentially harmful particles.

Most high-end air purifiers will also combat germs and bacteria that are floating in your living space. And of course, air purifiers are virtually a must-have item for people that live in areas with significant air pollution.

An air purifier is also suitable for smokers and pet owners, for they reduce unpleasant odors. And don’t forget all those odors that occur while you are cooking. Depending on a module, an air purifier might have several speed options.

Also, you should know that there is a limit to what an air purifier can do. What this means is that you should always keep in mind the size of the space you are trying to purify. And always consider the filtration system (does it uses HEPA filters, UV-C lights, and so forth.)

5. Self-Cleaning Pet Devices

Being a pet owner is a delightful experience. However, this experience also implies responsibility, for you have to feed, bathe and nurture your pets. Last device(s) we want to suggest are for the most common pets, dogs and cats.

Specifically, we would like to inform you that you can now obtain self-cleaning cat litter and self-cleaning dog potty! The idea behind both devices is simple; create a device that will clean after your pet automatically.

Take automatic cat litters; these modern devices separate clean from dirty litter, thus maximizing the litter consumption. More importantly, an automatic litter also has a dedicated compartment where it collects droppings and seals them to reduce odor.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that the litter is big enough for your cat(s), but that shouldn’t cause you any significant problems for, correct? On the other hand, dog owners can buy self-cleaning potty pads.

Note that we are talking about potty pads, so you’ll have to take dog’s weight into account should you decide to buy one. Look for pads that are highly absorbent, for high-absorbency increases their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Generally, the pad will wait for your dog to “do its business,” absorb the waste, dry it, and then replace the dirty pad with the new one. A self-cleaning pad should reduce the odor in your home and help you take care of your dog’s needs.

Wrapping Things Up

While these aren’t the only smart cleaning devices you could obtain, they are the most useful ones. If you have the funds for just one item, we suggest you go with the robotic vacuum cleaner, for you’ll probably use it most frequently. Plus you’ll immediately fall in love with it!


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