5 Things to Consider Before Buying Sash Windows

Windows used to be installed solely for ventilation purposes. However, these days, people look for more than functionality when buying a sash window. Esthetics, the level of maintenance required, and the ability to take advantage of natural lighting are equally important.

Because of the extended list of requirements, it is relatively complicated to make the purchase decision. Fortunately, we have prepared a list of the most important factors that should determine your choice. Let’s take a look at the things you might want to consider before buying a sash window.

Sash Windows’ Styles

When buying sash windows, you should establish the architectural style you wish to design your house after. There are three basic designs:

  • Georgian-inspired windows – the first era of sash windows and the simplest design out there; usually six panes with two sashes, one remaining stationary, and the other moving.
  • Victorian-inspired windows – famous for innovative designs and fewer panes included, typically four; this style traditionally features a single glazing bar, but more can be added.
  • Edwardian-inspired windows – this particular era features an upper sash with multiple panes number options and a lower sash with a single pane; this design will let the most natural light inside your house.

As long as the sash window matches the design of your house, it will look perfect. Classic options like https://sunluxsashwindows.co.uk/c/sash-balance-elegance/ offer a timeless design that looks good no matter the style of your house.

The Required Maintenance

Sash windows require a relatively low level of maintenance. Usually, it all comes down to regular cleanings that are easy from both indoors and outdoors, oiling the frame from time to time and maintaining the right insulation. When you want to purchase a sash window, make sure that the parts that are most susceptible to damage over time are replaceable and available on the market.

Taking Advantage of Natural Light

One of the significant advantages of some sash windows is their double glaze which adds to a user-friendly experience. The natural light that comes in easily via a sash window will work along with your heating system to warm up the rooms in your house. Windows that are made of regular ordinary glass instead of double glaze don’t conduct heat so well. Doble-check that the windows you are buying features the double glazed panes.

The Air Flow

Air circulation is a highly important thing to consider when deciding on a window. For perfect results, make sure that your sash window has adjustable top and bottom sashes. The cool air will then enter your room via the bottom sash, and warm air will escape through the top sash, ensuring the right airflow, which should be especially handy during summer.

Possible Disadvantages

Finally, let’s talk about things that you should avoid when shopping for a sash window. Having only one sash could cause some problems due to insufficient ventilation in larger rooms. Another thing you should look out for is energy- efficiency, other than quadruple weatherproofing windows, not many sash models are efficient enough when compared to other kinds of windows.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors that you should take into consideration before buying a sash window. Look for the right style and quality. Keep in mind that you need to create proper air ventilation and avoid high-maintenance products at all costs. Find a window that checks all of the boxes mentioned above, go for a trusted supplier, and you won’t have to worry about your sash windows for decades.


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