Attractive villas by Zaha Hadid Architecture

This attractive villas are amazing because its unique stile that the Zaha Hadid Architecture satisfied its clients. The results are just spectaculars. For Nassim Villas the architects came with an interesting and brilliant idea to design the concept and transform it in reality in an aria with earth ramps reflected in the shape of the villas, designed to meld with the dynamism of the topography and coalesce into the landscape.

Two Villas

Satinder Garcha
Elevation Pte Ltd
11 Stamford Road
02-10 Capitol Building
Singpore, 178884

In Nassim Villas, Zaha Hadid gives her trademark sensuous and seamless design to lush tropical greenery; and brings her cutting-edge technological explorations to the construction of luxurious living. Flanked by huge luscious tropical hardwood trees on either sides and diagonally facing the Singapore Botanical gardens sits one of the most breathtaking and desirable sites in Singapore. The intention of this design is to mimic the landscape, allow the architecture to be part of it, thereby accentuating the locale and its prominence.”



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