Best Ways to Snap Impressive Photos of Your Home

Do you want to shoot impressive photos of your home to showcase its unique interior design, or to advertise it in a listing for rent or sale? As much as taking photos of your home may sound easy, making sure that they look impressive can actually be quite challenging.

If you want to snap photos of your home that really stand out and look great, there are a few things you can do that will have a big impact.

Declutter the Home

Before you snap shots of your home, take a look around and try to remove as much clutter as possible. Having clutter will make the composition less focused and distract people from the areas that you want them to pay attention to.

For photos that are going to be used to advertise a home you may want to go a step further and tidy and clean it thoroughly.

Balance the Space

Try to frame the shots that you take so that the composition is balanced. In other words objects such as chairs, tables, desks and other furniture should be distributed on both sides.

It can help to turn on the grid on your camera, and you can even use the rule of thirds to make the photos more balanced. Additionally this will help you to make sure your shots are level as well.

Turn on the Lights

Good lighting is essential for impressive photos – so switch on all your lights. It will help you to make sure the room is brightly lit, and help eliminate any dark shadows from your photos.

If possible try to take photos when it is bright outside, but be wary of glare if the sun is directly outside a window that is in your shot.

In some cases some shadows and grain may be unavoidable, but you can use Movavi Photo DeNoise to help with that. It will let you quickly fix grainy photos and make your photos look crisp using its presets, or you can make manual adjustments if need be too.

 Use a Tripod

Using a tripod can make it much easier to take excellent photos of your home. It will help you to keep your camera still, ensure your shots are level, and make small adjustments to the angles.

More importantly with a tripod you can keep your camera in the same position once you find a good angle and make adjustments to the composition. For example you could straighten a chair, add a few throw cushions to a sofa, and so on – without risking the camera moving.

Shoot Low and Straight

One of the best ways to position your camera is slightly below eye level and straight on. It will give your photo a more graphic feel, and make it look like some of the spreads that you see in interior design magazines.

If you can you should try to position the horizon (typically the intersection between the floor and wall) at the center of your photo, to give it a symmetrical balance.

Final Words

Knowing the best ways to snap impressive photos of your home is a good start, but what is far more important is that you practice using them and improve your technique.

The more you practice framing shots using what is listed above, the better you’ll be able to develop your feel for good composition and lighting. The first few shots that you take may not be that great, but if you identify areas that you can improve in them then the next few should be much better.


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