Granite sinks: Why do you need it in your kitchen and for your granite countertop?

Of the various types of kitchen sink materials, granite seems to be the most upscale choice for its refined looks and personality. Most granite sinks that you see in the market are not pure natural stone. They are the engineered product made from a combination of granite stone dust and acrylic resin in a typically 80:20 ratio. Composite sinks containing quartz and acrylic resin don’t have much difference with natural granite sinks, and hence, people use both the names to mean the same thing. Some homeowners prefer granite sink in their kitchen, while some don’t. Each of them might have their reasons for such decisions.

If you don’t want to get influenced by any of the opinions, then it’s essential to understand the inside-out of this option well before concluding. Here are some insights that can come in handy for this purpose.

A question on its durability

Many people make a mistake of taking its sophisticated look so seriously that they start doubting its long lastingness. But granite is a natural stone, and after having undergone fire treatment, it comes out as one of the best impervious, heat resistant, stain-proof, and scratch- and chip-safe material. Then, you don’t have to apply sealing on it, unlike a purely natural stone sink. Nevertheless, you would have to be careful with its maintenance, especially when it concerns stubborn stains. The surface can easily give in to chemical reactions. To ensure it doesn’t happen so, you need to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and avoid using products that can harm its base.

Some composite sinks can succumb to heat, due to which resin can melt and cause blemishes. It can also end up paving the way for scratches. These issues are avoidable if you buy only premium quality granite sinks from a trusted brand. The well-established companies can provide you with models that are extremely tolerant of heat and make sure that you get the full return value from that. For example, you can explore a granite kitchen sink by Kraus. Once you read product details, you will realize what it means.

Curiosity about its maintenance

Granite kitchen sinks can be a great addition to your luxurious kitchen from every angle, be its appearance, functionality, and usefulness. But like any other sink, it also needs proper upkeep. You may need to use cleaner and sealer to help your basin stay healthy. When you scrub its surface, you should do it with a soft cloth or sponge to avoid the risk of abrasion. And when you rinse it in the end, you must dry out the surface. However, you don’t need to do it every day. Whenever you find it hazy, you can get started with your cleaning efforts. Haziness indicates that the surface is wearing off due to the moisture buildup, and it’s time to restore it.

The pros and cons of this choice

There can be enough reasons for accepting or rejecting an option, and granite sinks are not immune to this. What you may admire most about this type of sink is its variety. It gives you freedom of options in terms of styles, shapes, sizes, color, and polish, eliminating your concerns whether it would pair well or not with your countertop in the kitchen. It beats the most popular stainless-steel model also when you assess the range of available colors in it. From white, black, charcoal, grey, and brown, you can select any hue as per the interior design of your kitchen.

Then, composite granite variations can offer you uniformity in designs unlike a natural stone, which tends to have original uneven patterns. And if you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your cooking area without paying a heavy price, then again, it seems to be a better alternative to a natural stone sink.

However, certain things that can stop you from selecting it as an option include its hardness and cost. Usually, sink materials are forgiving in the sense that they don’t break your glassware when it knocks the surface. But with granite composite surface, you need to be careful. Another challenge can be its price when you compare it with porcelain and stainless steel.

Anyway, you have to understand that every material has some merits and some demerits. So, you should not drop something from your list just because it has some negative points too. It would help if you had weighed both positive and negatives aspects from an unbiased mind and considered its actual utility for your kitchen. If you can afford to pay a bit high price, then it wouldn’t hurt you to invest in this piece. After all, no other thing can be as charming as a granite fixture. Plus, the risk of breaking delicate utensils will be there with other materials also if they hit against the surface. Hence, you mainly need to check your habits.

A right partner or not for a granite worktop

People introduce granite countertops in their kitchens to elevate its overall feel and charm. To make sure everything else around it matches its sophistication equally or at least to a certain degree, you have to choose the right options. And a granite sink can fit a granite countertop like a glove. It will help you give your kitchen a seamless, streamlined look. If you wish your worktop to get maximum limelight, then you can choose an undermount sink option. It will have an understated but unique effect in the kitchen environment, becoming an object of envy for onlookers. 

In this context, it would be helpful to know that you don’t have to restrain yourself when it comes to buying a granite sink. Granite worktop can be its best companion, but this sink can be equally suitable for quartz or other surfaces. Just browse through some popular brand collections to open your mind to more ideas. You will be able to form a better understanding of which granite model can work best for you and in which scenario. At the same time, you will also know what accessories and faucet systems you need for it.


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