How a Smartphone Can Help You Decorate Your New Home

When you have smart assistants at hand, it will become more interesting to do the decor of your own home. Interior design programs and home planners are designed to simplify the lives of architects, designers, and ordinary users with a huge craving for beauty. Projects created in three-dimensional image formats are unique, realistic, and detailed.

Let’s consider the useful selection of free programs, services, and applications for interior design that will help you create a project for an apartment or decorate your home.

1. Snapguide

Useful tips and tricks collected by people from all over the world. Snapguide has thousands of step-by-step instructions on topics ranging from installing computer programs to decorating an IKEA coffee table.

Also, you can share your ideas and experiences with others, make friends, communicate, comment, and subscribe to interesting profiles.

You can take advantage of this unique cosmopolitan resource free. All instructions are accompanied by step-by-step photos.

2. Photo Measure Lite

The application provides an opportunity to get rid of paper sketches and plans. It is a very convenient way to always have the necessary measurements at hand. However, you need to take measurements in real-time, so you still have to look for roulette.

Enter the data into the program, place the arrows, add signatures. Photo Measure Lite is beautiful and convenient in its simplicity. No unnecessary functions, buttons, and complicated measuring tools. Such a simple and undemanding assistant will always come in handy.

3. Home Decorator

Helps to avoid mistakes and disappointments when choosing a wall color. Thanks to this application, it is possible to repaint the walls of the room in any color. And the room is real. To do this, just take a photo or upload an existing one. With one touch of the screen, change the shade. For convenience, the program has palettes sorted by type and color, as well as a color circle.

4. FloorPlan 3D

FloorPlan 3D has a wide range of features. Working on a global scale, the program can create sketches of several rooms thinking through every detail. It will be useful to owners of detached houses. In addition to the catalog of furniture, the app contains a large selection of flower beds, shrubs, paths for landscaping. The idea looks realistic: you can arrange a “walk” to fully evaluate the result.

5. Paint Tester

The app has one extremely useful advantage. Thanks to the settings of the program, you can see how a particular wall color will look in different lighting conditions. In the morning, in the evening or cloudy weather.

The “mood” of the walls mustn’t change depending on the difference in light. Some colors look attractive in sunny weather. However, as soon as it is cloudy and it rains outside, they become dirty and hurt the mood. Sometimes these nuances are not taken into account when chasing style or fashion trends. So it is not superfluous to check the color once again. Moreover, it is very easy to do this using the Paint Tester app.

6. Color Schemer

It’s an extensive library of color palettes. There are three reasons why you should pay attention to this application. The first is that you are in search of inspiration and harmonious shades for your new home. The second is that you have been trying for a long time to understand what, for example, “diamond orange” color is. And the third reason – you have a photo that shows the same color that you dream of painting the bedroom walls. But you don’t know what it’s called or what its number is. And therefore, you can’t explain your wishes when tinting paint. If you are ready to tick at least one of these items – download Color Schemer.

No matter how intricate the query is, the search produces all colors by the corresponding tags. There are ready palettes that consist of five rectangles, harmoniously combined.

It is a pleasure to thumb through the palettes. Sooner or later the eye itself will catch the most suitable. And finally, you have the opportunity to make your palettes and save them for the future. The choice is yours.

7. iHandy Level

The most convenient and simple application that simulates the level. The set of functions is minimal, but this is also the convenience. It is mainly a simulation of a familiar level with an air bubble. Also, the tilt angle is displayed in the upper left corner.

There is a kind of “parking sensor” that will warn you about approaching the maximum horizontal position with a sound signal. Fortunately, this feature can be enabled and disabled at will.

8. Dream Home

Do you want to change the boring interior, give charm and personality to a rented apartment, or decorate a new house? Pay attention to this app. Dream Home is a very beautiful photo gallery with works by famous designers.

The interiors are selected with taste. Photos are divided by type – kitchens, living rooms, etc; and divided by color scheme. There is a selection of the main trends – modern, minimalism, classic, Asian, and even tropical styles.

But if your plans do not include any of the above, the catalog is just nice to leaf through.

9. Hutch

Allows you to look at the familiar interior of the apartment through the eyes of a designer. The work begins by sending photos of the room. The script clears the area of furniture and other things by correcting the image and offering eight unique design options for the room. When the user is identified with the design, furniture and interior items become available for purchase in the app.


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