How Smart Technology Is the Best Addition to Your Bathroom

We all want to enhance our everyday lives, don’t we? Well, one of the easiest ways you can do this is by bringing a little smart technology to your bathroom. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the niftiest bathroom gadgets on the market right now – perfect if you want to splash out on a little bathroom tech!

Digital / smart showers

With a digitally controlled shower, you can forget all about turning on the tap – here it’s all done by a very impressive digital control panel. Apart from giving your bathroom a streamlined and impressive look, the functionality is life-changing. First and foremost there is water pressure control meaning that you can fine-tune your daily shower experience – think high pressure for when you need a blast of water to wake you up in the morning or natural, rain pressure for when you want a nice relaxing shower to unwind at the end of the day. Then there are lighting controls and even music and audio controls; these are great if you need to listen to the news as you get ready for work, or to get into a party mood before going out. Without question, the smart shower is a top choice for bathroom luxury!

No-touch taps

It’s still a rare treat to find no-touch taps in a home. Most of us are used to using them only in public bathrooms. However, if you are able to invest in these then they’re definitely worth the money. Not only are no-touch taps less hassle to use than a conventional set of taps, but they often end up saving you money too; the flow of water is controlled by a sensor, meaning you only use the water that you actually need. With their modern range of designs, these taps give a contemporary feel to your bathroom and can be cleverly used to give slightly tired home décor a welcome little update.

Smart Mirror TVs

These high-tech objects are seriously ingenious, able to switch effortlessly between mirror mode and TV mode, meaning you can be shaving or applying make-up one minute and catching your favourite show the next! Carefully designed to be safe around the typical splashing you get in a bathroom, these bathroom mirror TV gadgets are perfect for any home. If you have a small bathroom, these take up half the wall space of a separate mirror and TV; and if you have young children in the home whom you need to keep entertained during bath time, these mirror TVs are a blessing quite literally in disguise! 

Smart toilets

If you really want to create the ultimate smart bathroom, you have to go for a smart toilet. If a lid that automatically opens and closes and a heated seat isn’t enough, this toilet also has automatic flushing and warm water cleansing with a dryer. It even has mood lighting! The finishing touch, though, is a built-in Amazon Alexa voice control unit! This is perfect for when you’re pondering life while on the loo and suddenly want to ask Alexa a question!So this year, why not take the opportunity to update your bathroom with some great tech? And if you want to see how to get the complete smart home experience, then you might like our article Why You Should Invest in a Smart Home and How They Work.


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