How to make customize designs for your house?

In our modern world, everyone is running in competition where everyone wants to excel whether it is getting a high paid job, better living standards or the best house. People these days tend to hire interior designers to make their houses the most beautiful, unique and customized piece of art. They give their requirements to designer and let him do his work with his team. It all depends on their taste whether they want airy houses, dim lights, plants in the house or bright walls with wallpaper or paints.

Cotton Bee

In order for houses to look unique and customized, there is a popular fabric printing company that is providing facilities of Fabric printing as well as cotton fabric printing on demand in UK. The company us called Cotton Bee with an amazing tag line, “Honey, you’re creative!” that not only sounds amazing and motivating but in itself is creative. The process is easy and quick with few simple steps:

1.       Choose your fabric

2.       Choose your design from the catalogue or alternatively upload your design on the application

3.       Mention the size of fabric you need

4.       Confirm your order

And voilà! You can book your design, and the company would deliver your required order with environment friendly printing and customized unique designs that no other person would have in their home.

The website has all the details of prices, fabric selection help, if you are new to this and does not know the fabric types. There is a huge collection of colors and designs in catalogue to select from. And once you know it, you can upload your own design and get it printed. The package would reach you in 5 working days from the day the order gets acknowledged and accepted to dispatch.

Customize designs for your home

The fabric you ordered you can use it in different things including, furniture, clothing, bedding, kitchen ware and many more. It is a heaven for women with millions of different ideas to decorate their homes with customized printed covers for their sofas, bed covers, tea set covers, table runners and Matts, curtains and what not. Just, the thought of having self-designed covers for your home is satisfying and peaceful.

 Customize designs to wear

The dresses can also be made from the printed fabric. Once I went to a party and two women were wearing the same dress, when they saw each other, their mood instantly ruined and both of them even being best friends remained disturbed for the rest of the eve and also did not enjoy. It is obvious who does not want to look beautiful and at the same time different from others so as to be noticeable and complimented. And these printed fabric can do the job. You can get the designs, no one else would have and get them stitched according to your choice.


The customized home design are now at your doorstep, you do not have to go pay interior designer a huge sum for money for satisfying results. Now you can cut that amount by selecting and getting your own fabric and design for your house. The Cotton Bee is the recommended company for you to go to and get the designs of your choice for your home, your babies and yourself.


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