How to Obtain Feng Shui in Your Apartment Home

Your day-to-day life is a bustle of fast-moving engagements, quickly paced projects, and high-stress work or school demands. If there is one place in life where you need to experience harmony, it’s your apartment.

We’re here to help you obtain Feng Shui in your apartment through strategic design and décor choices. Our methods can transform your apartment into the ultimate relaxation space.  In Feng Shui fashion, we’re going create a positive atmosphere one room at a time.

Tips for a Small Apartment

If you live in a studio apartment, don’t despair. You can create Feng Shui even in a small environment. First and foremost, create a separation between work and relaxation areas with a curtain or different color patterns. Use furniture that doubles as storage to avoid clutter, like a lift-top coffee table, and make sure papers, magazines, and other clutter aren’t left sitting out.  

The Bedroom

You spend more time here than anywhere else whether you’re sleeping or spending intimate time with your partner. That’s why it’s the first and most important room on the list.

The key to quality time with your loved one or getting a good night’s rest is to focus and get rid of distractions like electronics. Keep cellphones outside the door where they can’t draw attention away from your partner. TVs and computers are also a no-go as they create a distraction and minimize your desire for rest and relaxation.

Never have a workspace in the same area as your bedroom. It will constantly remind you of work that needs done or the next day’s stressors, preventing a positive atmosphere. Soft fabrics on the bed and a dimmable light can help set the mode for love or relaxation. Make sure your bed is in a commanding position furthest from the door.

The Living Room

This is the primary area you share with friends and family and most often the first room you’ll walk into in your modern apartment home —make sure it has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Create a centerpiece for gathering around and sharing stories like a coffee table or fireplace. Finally, apartment-friendly plants like lucky bamboo or peace lily are comforting décor.

The Bathroom

Mirrors work well to make your bathroom appear more spacious while also creating a meditative atmosphere. Create balance by matching different color elements in the room, such as brightly-colored matching towels, candles, and washcloths. Use a bright light and keep a clean space to create a Zen-like atmosphere.


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