How to speed up Mac: step-by-step guide

Professional speed up Mac tips

For modern users slow laptop is considered unacceptable. Everybody is doing everything possible to speed up their operating systems.

Eventually, even the fastest computer requires updates, so as not to yield to the rapidly emerging innovations. One of the most popular types of computer technology is the Macintosh model.

Speed up Mac useful methods

The conception of basic technique assist the users to speed up Macbook on their own. It is essential to follow all the professional recommendations without deviating from the step-by-step guide. This approach will prolong the irreproachable work of your favorite computer for a long time.

Disabling some programs or checking the health of components, as a rule, can improve the situation. We present the most effective ways to speed up the work of the Mac computer.

  • Cleaning with the help of the special application.

Install some third-party software. Such program will save the computer from rubbish files. Remove duplicate programs, clear the caches and get rid of old applications. Freeing up the system drive space make Mac run much faster.

  • Thorough diagnostics of the problem.

Monitoring the system will show the number of running processes and indicate the amount of consumption of software resources.

  1. Open the Monitoring System.
  2. Choose a function that sorts the programs according to the level of CPU time consumption.
  3. Mark and close the most “massive” programs.

This method allows you to get rid of the problem for a while. You should not expect to eliminate it. The next launch of the program, which consumes an excessive amount of resources, again slows down the Mac.

Effective solution

  1. Update the hardware (necessary parts) of the computer.
  2. Replace the application with a less resource-intensive alternative program.
  • Disabling animation functions

Macbooks are equipped with a lot of practical functions and animation effects. The additions have a negative impact on the speed of the machines. The older the model, the more noticeably the braking of the programs. Significantly slower work series with integrated Intel graphics cards.

How to solve a problem:

  1. Turn off the animation and the transparency effect.
  2. Through Settings panel and the “Universal access” line open the Monitor tab.
  3. Activate the item “Reduce transparency”.
  • Disable the encryption mode.

Few people know about the FileVault encryption function. In some Mac series, it is installed by default to prevent theft of user data in case the computer is lost. If this function is disabled, the performance of the equipment will immediately increase.

How to close FileVault:

  1. Open Protection and Security.
  2. Deactivate the FileVault application.
  • Automatic launch of applications.

For the convenience of the user, many programs run automatically and continue working in the background mode. The more applications available, the lower the speed of the system. To fix the problem, it is better to turn off those resources that are not used.

  1. In Settings select Users and Groups.
  2. In the Login Objects window remove the markers near applications that are not used.
  • Review indexing.
  1. When the Spotlight system is updated, the additional indexing process activates. This function is not adjustable via the Settings panel. It can be deleted in the Terminal using a special command:

sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

It is available to reactivate this function after entering the same symbols but the word “unload” changes to “load”.

  1. When photo recognizing faces to comply with privacy conditions, the process occurs directly in the Mac system. This function causes a slowdown in the system. You can disable it through the System Monitoring panel and deactivate all processes that are designated as “photos”.
  • General cleaning of the system

The hard drive has to be cleaned periodically.

  1. Activate the Apple logo in the corner of the monitor.
  2. Click the Vault and do the cleaning.

Zeroing out the parameters of the system management controller (SMC) positively affects the operation of the operating system.

You should disconnect the computer from power and switch on the PC charger. Hold down the power key and simultaneously the Shift + Control + Option keys. The system freed up without additional confirmation. The parameters reset automatically.

When going to the web, you should use Safari browser, which is recommended for Mac computers for its lightweight commands and functions.

Hope our instructions helped you to speed up your Mac a but. If not – here is more information about how to speed up Mac in simple ways.


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