How to Use a Paint Sprayer like a Pro

It does not matter whether you are new to the game or a master in the art of painting, you need to learn how to use a paint sprayer like a pro if you are to come up with amazing paint jobs. Fortunately, using a paint sprayer is not as hard. If anything, any newcomer to the field of spraying can learn and become a pro in minimal time. This article takes you some tips on how you can use a paint sprayer like a pro.

  1. Have Enough Space

For a beginner, you will need more space to come up with a beauty as compared to an established painter. Especially when using a paint sprayer, you have to create maximum space or anything could go wrong.

  • Safety First

While it is true that spray painting is not as dangerous in itself, it does not mean that you can be reckless in your dealings. It is important to maintain safety by putting on protective clothing and use painting materials that are approved by the relevant authorities.

Additionally, you should always make your surface clean before you start painting. This will not only decrease the chances of accidents happening but also guarantees quality results.

  • Ensure Proper Coverage

The rule of the thumb when using a paint sprayer is to always ensure coverage across the surface to be painted. According to what the painting professionals say, to get proper coverage you have to control the coating thickness. You can try moving the paint sprayer quickly across the surface, opt for a smaller tip orifice size and keep the sprayer at a manageable distance away from the surface to be sprayed.

Supposing by the end of your project you still do not have a proper coverage, you can move the paint sprayer slowly using a larger tip and move it closer to the surface. This way, you can easily concentrate on the uneven parts.

  • Sweeping Motions

This will solely depend on the size of the surface that you are spraying. For larger projects, you will require more flow of paint meaning you have to position your paint sprayer a little bit further from the surface. However, for a medium or small project, it is advisable to pick your preferred sweeping motion and stick to it. For instance, you can choose to go with an up and down or side to side movement to the same effect.

  • Adhere to the General Painting Tricks

If you are using a paint sprayer for the first, you must first learn of the basic steps of painting. Here are some of them:

  • Hold the sprayer at least 12 inches from the spraying surface
  • Always maintain a straight aim to spraying surface
  • If you are going to use a larger tip, move further away from the surface to be painted
  • To spray the corners, always hold your paint sprayer at a 90-degree angle.
  • Clean your paint sprayer after every project for maximum effectiveness.


At first, using a paint sprayer may look like a tough task. However, the more you practice how to use it, the more you realize that it is not as complicated. The tips in this article help you to learn how to use a paint sprayer like a pro.


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