Interior Design Tips for Those with Bad Allergies

Hayfever and allergies can be extremely frustrating. When the air outside is full of pollen and dust, you want to be able to retreat into a sneeze-free home. Try these decorating tips to keep your home environment clean and clear of allergens.

Switch to Hardwood Floors

Carpets trap dust and other airborne particles. When you step on a carpet, a small amount of dust is knocked into the air; this can cause you to sneeze. Even if you vacuum, there will still be particles trapped in the fibers or between the carpet and the floorboards.

A simple way to reduce allergies is to install hardwood floors or linoleum in your home. You can easily sweep or vacuum the dust off of a smooth surface. If you really want a carpet, consider a low-pile alternative that’s coated in fluorocarbon. You should also steam clean your carpets on a regular basis.

Choose the Right Upholstery

When you’re trying to allergy-proof a home, it’s best to avoid upholstery as much as possible. Still, no one wants to live without soft surfaces, so look for easy-to-clean alternatives.

Your living room sofa should be made of leather or faux leather. Look for removable cushions that you can clean between. Find throw pillows that you can run through the wash, or place your pillows in a dust-resistant cover.

The bedroom is full of soft materials that might catch allergens. Choose a latex mattress that won’t pick up dust over the years. Find dust-resistant pillowcases, and remember to buy new pillows every few months. Wash your bedding regularly to keep dust mites away.

Use Minimalist Decor

You need to clean your home regularly to keep it free from allergens. Cluttered rooms and complicated decorations are difficult to maintain; they also provide plenty of small spaces for dust and pollen to hide.

Go for an open, minimalist design for your bedroom and other key areas of the house. Choose simple furniture items that are easy to clean. Avoid upholstery or items with soft and fuzzy textures. Look for smooth textures that you can dust or wipe down quickly.

Make sure you can reach under larger furniture items with a broom or a vacuum. If you can’t, remember to move the item for cleaning on a regular basis.

Keep Plants in Open Spaces

Plants produce moisture and can promote the growth of mold. You can still keep your favorite houseplant, but make sure it’s in an open and breathable space. Avoid bathrooms, closets, and tight hallways.

You should also consider buying a hypoallergenic houseplant. Gerber daisies, peace lilies, and bamboo palms hall have air-purifying effects; a few of these plants will help filter pollutants from your home.

Select Washable Curtains and Carpets

Long window drapes look amazing, but they also provide a place for dust to hide. Avoid heavy fabrics that you can’t easily run through the wash. Instead, select lightweight curtains, and purchase multiple sets so that you can wash them on a regular basis. You might also consider switching to blinds or another smooth window treatment.

Area rugs are a good way to make hardwood floors feel more comfortable. Select rugs and mats that are safe to machine wash, or choose cheap options that you won’t mind replacing in a few years. Remember that you can vacuum area rugs to increase their lifespan.

An allergy-proof home is dust-resistant and easy to clean. As you shop for furniture items, look for smooth surfaces and simple maintenance. Arrange your furniture in a way that encourages dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming on a regular basis.


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