Why you should have a house inspection done before the buyer does

You are ready to move to a bigger house in a new neighbourhood or an entirely different end of the country. While all the minute details of the move are getting finalized, all that is left to do is to put your property up for sale.

Understandably, you want a smooth sale at the price you have been asking. However, there is some reluctance on your part because you aren’t entirely sure on the current status of the house and how it has been faring all these years while you’ve been living in it. There haven’t been any problems till now, but how do you know what’s going on the inside of the property? Such questions can haunt sellers for a long time.

You can say goodbye to all of this hesitation with a home inspection. You might be thinking ”But isn’t that something the buyer should be doing?”.

Yes, a serious buyer would hire Ottawa home inspectors. But get a one-up, so should you!

Here are nine reasons why you should have a house inspection before listing your house:

You get an accurate evaluation of your home

As we said before, a house might look alright on the outside, but how it is doing on the inside is usually difficult to predict. An inspection, however, will determine the actual condition of your home.

An inspection helps you set the right price

Once you are aware of the state of your house, you can determine a realistic price offer to list it. While real estate agents carry experience that helps them evaluate a price, it is usually based on estimations until there are some facts in their hand. An inspection provides them with that precisely.  

It contributes to a fast sale

No homeowner wants to invest and move into a house only to find that the property has significant faults. This is every new homeowner’s nightmare. An inspection gives you a clear chit on this front and helps you make the sale faster.    

It gives you a lower likelihood of negotiation

A fault provides the buyer with a reason to ask you for price negotiation. In other words, it can act as a gateway to the re-evaluation of the price you have listed. This is entirely avoidable with a house inspection.    

It gives you time to make repairs

If the home inspection reveals a problem that needs to be repaired, you will not be bound by a timeframe to make the repair or service such as plumbing leaks and septic pumping in Ottawa. On the contrary, if the ‘buyer’s inspection reveals one, the full payment will be contingent on getting the repairs made but before the closing.  

It makes your real estate agent’s work easy

A real estate agent can attract more buyers and make better negotiations if an inspection has already taken place. These factors ultimately help you as a seller get a better deal on your house.  

It gives you a competitive edge

The real estate market can get challenging, and two properties similar in size, make, and neighbourhood will be pitted against each other. If the buyer has another option to pursue than your house, they may offer you a lower price than you have asked. Hence, a home inspection will give you an edge over other sellers that you are competing against for sale.   

It saves you from surprises    

Imagine being in talks with a potential buyer and a subsequent inspection reveals a significant problem that kills the sale. It can get extremely inconvenient for you. A review beforehand saves you from future challenges in making your sale.  

It tells you what you should look for when you buy

A small but significant way that a home inspection helps you is it tells you what you need to look for when you are the buyer tomorrow. Most people are shifting homes when they are looking to sell their property. An inspection gives you an insight into how the process takes place so that when you buy a property, you are making a very informed decision.


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