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Major Home Renovation Blunders and Tips to avoid them

House renovation is not as simple as you think of it;

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you need to allocate proper time, budget and efforts to get your residence refurbished in an ideal way. Sometimes, your smaller negligence results in some major mistakes which not only waste your money but time too. The best idea to minimize these blunders is to hire services of a renowned construction company in Pakistan, as they will not only take stress off your shoulders but will also provide you with best renovation work for your sweet home.

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‘Most of the people have a misconception that home renovation is a simpler task and they can get it done by any contractor in the market; and this is the reason why they have to face great difficulties afterwards’ says Amer Adnan, the chief executive officer of a well-known Pakistani construction company.

Let us get into some of the major home renovation blunders and learn about the ways to avoid them.

Poor Prior Planning

Some of the people just rush into the renovation project without proper pre-planning. As a result they either hire a wrong contractor or underestimate the cost and time to be consumed for renovation. Consequently, they either have to stop the work in the middle or they need to switch to some cheaper options which later result in major blunders. Hiring a wrong contractor can add to your stress by lingering on your project and overcharging through different tactics.

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Suggestions: Always keep in mind that renovation is a time consuming project, you need to do a proper work where you not only need to estimate the cost of renovation but also the total time consumed. For this, better hire the services of a renowned and reliable construction company or a contractor.

Hiring the Cheaper Contractors

Although, looking for an inexpensive contractor is not bad but considering only this factor is never a wise decision because it has lots of risks attached. Usually, people just look for the contractor whose consultancy fee is lowest and due to the lack of experience they think that renovation does not require as much special practical expertise. Consequently, they have to face the double loss in terms of poor renovation work and wastage of materials.

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Before you hire a contractor, do consult the people in your surroundings, conduct proper market search, and find out the common rate of home renovation and choose the best interior designer and architect in Pakistan, who could provide you the finest work within your allocated budget and time frame. For this, you can check his work portfolio, verify the quality of work by consulting his previous and current clients and also conduct a face-to-face interview of the contractor to analyze his level of expertise.

Poor Cost-Estimation

Your budget is one of the deciding factors for getting a quality renovation in your house. When you have low budget you either have to pause the work in the middle or the second option is to compromise on the quality of the renovation work.

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Suggestion: Properly, analyze how much renovation work is required in your house. If you are going to get it renovated after a long time, then you are likely to spend more on some major work. Go to your local market and find the rates of different construction materials. Also consult different experts in the market about the estimated cost. Even you can find out the ways through which you could keep the expenditures to the minimum. For instance, if you want your old floor to be replaced with the new wooden floor but have low budget, you can get best replacement in the form of vinyl flooring.

Making Huge Structural Changes

Usually, when people go for a renovation of their house after a long time period, they like to make some major structural and design changes to give it a trendy look. Such bigger structural changes require more money, time and expert work. Even some of the structural changes like removal of the load bearing walls, pillars, lintels and piers are not safe enough.

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The better option is to renovate your house, as per your architect’s instructions. You do not need to delay a renovation work for a longer time period because it will make your task further complex. If there is a need to make major structural changes, get proper estimation of the time and cost it requires. Also hire an experienced, dedicated and responsible professional, who could provide you the renovation services with minimum or no mistakes.

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