Minimalist Rounded-Shaped Table for Modern Interiors by Mikhail Belyaev

Exemplifying the modern Russian aesthetic, Mikhail Belyaev‘s works explore a new design language in its pursuit for innovative furniture. Its projects are eccentric and draw attention through original and daring concepts. We love Pebble Table, a furniture piece that will impress you with its simple appeal. The Russian designer has has designed it for Karat and Samsung Staron, for St.Petersburg Design Week 2013. The table is as functional as it is beautiful: futuristic semi-oval round shape inspired from nature with a glass top that reveals a smartly integrated storage space.


The top transparency gives th item an unexpected lightness, while the glossy finish brightens any room. The compartment below the top-table can be filled up with almost anything, without becoming unesthetic. It is very interesting to observe from every standpoint the creative form. It features lateral gaps in the white material which fulfill both a functional and aesthetic role. With its sleek and minimalist design, it’s suitable for a wide range of interior design schemes, as well as for outdoor leisure rooms.Versatile, the Pebble table can be used as a coffee table or working surface too.





Photos © Evgeny Aquarelich and Mikhail Belyaev


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