Playful Design of Walking Cabinet by Markus Johansson

Among Swedish product designer Markus Johansson‘s new products stands out this Walking Cabinet thanks to its simple yet unconventional design. Although the cupboard isn’t actually walking as its name suggests, it does have a dynamic form that implies movement and balance which we don’t usually see in furniture products. Playing with its shape that follows the twisted legs, the designer managed to create a great piece of furniture that seems to be a living presence giving the impression that it has been captured in mid-stride, en route to some other place.


Due to this distinctive, twisted design, the beautiful Walking Cabinet could be used as a single piece acting as a centerpiece or alongside two or more cabinets fitted together like puzzle pieces allowing for multiple configurations in case you need more storage space. You can even left them slightly separated creating an eye-catching visual effect. Black or red, no matter what the color is, it would definitely be an original addition to any contemporary interior design. The Walking Cabinet could also be seen, along with other two new products, at the Salone Satellite in stand C-2 during the the world’s largest home design exhibition -the furniture fair in Milan- which will be held between 9th-14th April 2013.



Photos © Markus Johansson

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