Summer Decorating Ideas

With summer in full swing, it’s time to update the decor around your home. Long days mean more light for spending more time outdoors, and this can bring plenty of opportunities to freshen up the place. reports that in the last five years the home furnishing industry in the has grown by 2.9%, reaching revenues of $36 billion. With so much money spent on making our homes a comfortable, attractive place to be, there are plenty of ideas for making it that way this summer, including these.

Colorful Outdoor Decor

Nothing feels more like summer than having a splash of color around your house, and that also includes outdoor areas as you’ll probably be spending a lot more time outside. Dust off those patio chairs that were stored for the colder months and bring out some bright seat cushions and perhaps some indoor/outdoor rugs too. If you have an outdoor bar, you might deck it out with tropical décor and fun drinking glasses.

Fill Your Fireplace

Since your fireplace will be dormant for a while, why not spruce it up with something summery and fun. It’s the perfect way to show off Calgary townhouses. Fill it with leftover wood and decorative candles, flower arrangements, or even large gems or polished rocks. It’s a great way to bring a dead space to life for the next few months.

Add Outdoor Lights

Summertime is the best time of year for enjoying a relaxing evening outside under the stars. Especially if you live in a hotter climate, the evenings are likely to be perfectly pleasant which means your backyard could be the ideal gathering place. Hang some colored or white lights outside to set the mood, making the most of those summer nights while entertaining guests.

Brighten Up the Bathroom with a New Shower Curtain

One of the cheapest ways to brighten up a bathroom is to get it a new shower curtain. The list of options when it comes to shower curtains is practically endless, whether shopping at your local home store or online. It’s easy to find the perfect one to match just about any bathroom theme or color scheme these days and it can change up the entire look of the space, perhaps giving it more of a summer feel.

Give the Bohemian Look a Try

Living rooms and bedrooms can be brought to life with a splash of vibrant colors and floral decor, two things that are symbolic of the summer season. It doesn’t cost a lot to get a few new pillows for your bed or couch and that pop of color can make all the difference. For summertime, lighter and/or bright shades can give any room the more cheerful and uplifting feeling of the season.

Create a Fire Pit

Even though fires are great for keeping warm in the winter, an outdoor fire pit in your backyard might be the perfect excuse to get your friends and family outside in the evenings. Creating a comfortable sitting area and small fire pit to gather around with the smell of s’mores and wood in the air makes for wonderful summer nights.


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