The futuristic and innovating interior design Penthouse by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces

The most luxury interior design created by Mark Tracy in the City Center Penthouse, where is used the fines materials on every surface existing elements in these building, to create this luxuriant, friendly, futuristic and innovating interior design ever designed. As you can see from the photos the penthouse has a master bedroom which shows off a 13’ tall c-shaped bed of Italian porcelain tile complete with its own chandelier, an area decorated with triangular shaped mirrors, each separated by ceiling beams in order to reflecting the lighting effects of  the neon shining through the windows. Of course you can see also the perfect color palette combinations which reflect an extravagant interior design with the accentuated blue and grey color theme. Mark Tracy, the principal design consultant notes, “this is a very elegant unit which can easily transition into party mode with its custom lighting features”.  What do you think about this amazing luxury interior design?

Source: contemporist


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