The Important Miter Saw Features to Consider Before Choosing

Miter saws are the essential tools of a workshop. Miter saws used for performing chops saw the design and precise cuts at various angles. Miter saws are best for making angle joints or decorative work. The heavy-duty miter saw models ensure higher productivity. Miter saws usually come in different features to perform various types of tasks. According to, Before choosing to buy, you need to check some of the key features of the miter saw.

Types of saws

There are three different types of miter saws you will be able to find in the market. They are; standard, sliding, and compound miter saws. The standard miter saws rotate to the side, which enables you to cut the board from the top at an angle. This allows you to make lovely corner pieces of your different types of tasks. The compound miter saws come with an edge or tilt, which enables you to cut pieces from different aspects. The single-action compound miter saws’ bevel is constructed on one side. The dual-action saws have a bevel to both sides that make it more versatile. The sliding miter saws come with an additional feature; they easily slide forward, which enables you to cut wider pieces.  

Some key features of an ideal miter saw

Maximum angles of the miter saw

When choosing your miter saw, you should first check the angle size. The larger the angle, the larger the cut, it can make. Miter saws usually cut in a size of 90 degrees. You need also to remember that the maximum bevel angle determines how far the saw can tilt over. The top-rated miter saws have different types of maximum angles. A single-action compound miter saw can only tilt over a single direction. It lets you cut at an angle you need by turning the board over and cutting it backward. If you choose a dual-action miter saw, you can save time and unexpected cuts as you don’t have to calculate its new angle.

Accuracy of the miter saw

For determining accuracy, you need to check some factors of the miter saw. Angle stops can be considered to be one of those. Angle stops or the detents can be found in different positions of the miter saw. Each stop should have a cutting range of 45 degrees. Some saws’ angle stops are given at regular intervals, which help you add or subtract an angle from your cut. Compound miter saws usually come with both miter and bevel stops. You can set the miter saw at any angle, depending on your preference without even using the stops. This feature enables you to make a non-standard cut. Some miter saws have the laser pointer; some saws have LEDs; they usually help line up your blade with your cut marks. If you choose a miter saw with regular angle stops along with a laser guide, you can easily set it to the correct miter angle within seconds. You will also be able to know that if your cuttings are accurate.

Key features for checking the safeness of the miter saw

Apart from using your safety goggles, eye, and ear protection, an ideal miter saw should have some safety features-

  • One of the main features that you need to check is the dust extraction. Dust extraction helps to prevent sawdust from moving through air.
  • A miter table is another important key feature, which helps you to set up long pieces and makes them lying. It helps to prevent accidents.
  • A blade guard is another vital feature, which ensures your safety from cutting. The outer portion of the blade helps you to protect yourself when you start cutting the board.

  • Electric brakes usually help to stop the blade when you let go of the trigger. It may take a certain time for the blade, spinning several thousand times every minute to come to a stop. The electric brakes enable reducing the time to two seconds, ensuring a shallow cut and safety of your fingers.

Measuring productivity of the miter saw

  • The blade is one of the key components you need to check. Make sure the blade is not dull. Larger saws have larger blades, which help to speed up your work and cut thicker pieces. Carbide blades are more durable and used to perform better cuts. You must see the manufacturer’s any specification warning against the blade. Some saws also come with a spindle wrench, which enables you to change the saw’s blade whenever you need it.
  • Cordless miter saws are handy tools. They help you to easily transport and movement. You can get a cordless model with wheels and carrying handles for better transport.

Examining the motor power

You need to examine the power of the motor. The saw can cut through hard materials. For checking the cutting speed, see the saw’s RPM. The higher the RPMs, the faster the blade spins and can perform cutting through the materials.


Buying the right miter saw will lead you to get satisfactory results from your craftwork. There are plenty of features available in a quality miter saw. You need to check the above features before buying a good miter saw for your project.


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