What Are The Benefits Of A High-Quality Access Door?

When it comes to the construction industry, selecting quality products is essential. It is necessary from a client’s perspective but also for the contractor as the quality would demonstrate their workmanship and what they stand for. At Access Doors and Panels, we understand quality products, which is why our access doors and panels are the best of the best. We offer an array of brands, from BILCO to Milcor access doors. When a client visits our website and makes the decision to purchase an access panel from us, they know that they will have invested in a quality access door and panel. Before buying an access door or panel, choosing a brand or quality is one thing; however, there are many other features and considerations to keep in mind.

To make the process of finding that access door for your next job, we have listed a few criterions to consider before making the investment. Both clients and contractors who consider the following can ensure their panel will stand the test of time but also provide the quality that is expected. While to some, an access panel is merely an 8 x 8 panel (though they can come in even larger sizes), access panels are sometimes the underdog of construction.

Structural Integrity

In the world of construction – whether they are large or small repairs, renovations or upgrades, sometimes it’s hard to design something without compromising aesthetics for structural integrity. With access doors and panels, sometimes the structural integrity is overlooked to ensure that aesthetics isn’t jeopardized or lost; however, doing this does minimize the access door and panels through functionality. When it comes to finding that perfect frame, whether it be for a wall, ceiling or floor, it is essential to consider where the panel will be installed but also how will the panel hold up amongst the location it is installed.

For example, if an access panel is selected for the intent of being exposed to the elements, a contractor would want to ensure it is rust resistant, insulated and the right size to prevent any lack of functionality. Any jeopardy to the structure could impact the safety and overall integrity of the build.


No matter the product, no one wants to purchase something that will have to be replaced shortly after being installed or used. When it comes to buying an access door or panel, a consideration of its durability is both good for the client but also for the contractor who installs the access panel. For example, if a drywall access panel was installed in a space where there is the potential for exposure to condensation; therefore, resulting in mold – this would jeopardize not only the panels durability, its structural integrity, and your health. With access panels made with steel or aluminum, these panels, when properly installed, can be a lifelong investment. This lifelong investment though will only happen so long as the contractor had understood the functionality but also installed the panel correctly.


Worried that installing an access panel will break the budget or your next project? At Access Doors and Panels, both clients and contractors can find a panel not only to suit their budget but also the functionality. Despite the material and the misconception, access panels can go for as little as under $20 to as high as a few hundred. With our line of Milcor access doors, our inventory offers an array of access panels that can suit any budget. From an economical flush door to a non-insulated fire-rated access door – our prices are not only competitive but demonstrate the ability for panels to be affordable.

The price of an access panel doesn’t always correlate with size, if anything it is to do with material and functionality. For example, a security access panel, depending on the level of security can vary. A high-end security access panel will cost more than a low to medium security access panel.


Understanding the many uses of an access panel will help a contractor make the proper recommendations on the functionality of what panel to use. Depending on the location of the access panel, their functionality can either be enhanced or hindered. For example, a building that has just installed an HVAC system may want to install an HVAC access panel to ensure easy access for maintenance, repairs, as well as inspections – a contractor would recommend that panel be of minimal size but also that it is made of a particular metal and insulated. When one shops at Access Doors and Panels, we can make the proper recommendations based on the functionality (or expected function) of the access panel or door.  

Some may see access panels are merely made for industrial, commercial, or made of only metals; however, access panels can be made with drywall or plaster which means they can be easily concealed if not painted to blend in with the existing walls or ceilings. Access panels are much more than a construction solution, they can add that extra storage space or that extra added security. There is an array of functions that an access panel is capable of that some aren’t always aware of. It is for this

Quality with Access Doors and Panels

At Access Doors and Panels, contractors and clients don’t have to worry about sacrificing price with quality as our products adhere to building codes and standards. Our panels come in an array of materials, sizes and prices. Not sure where to begin the journey to investing in an access panel? Or what kind of panel you need for your project? At Access Doors and Panels our knowledgeable representatives are able to assist of all facets of a builders and contractors project. There’s no project too big or small that our staff can’t assist with.

To view our line of access panels or to speak with our representatives, visit us at www.accessdoorsandpanels.com, and our representatives can assist you from start to finish.


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