Incredible Futuristic Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Plants are essential to our life, they are the source of life, both, people and for all types of form life at our planet, people in nature always looking grassy places to recharge batteries from everyday stress, parks and gardens are places that any metropolis arranging for us to provide a quiet place in nature,where we forget if making sure that all double glazed windows and doors have solid secure locks for our home.

  • Gardens by the Bay is designed by Gustafson Porter and Grant, they extend on 101 ha, is ever a house that has over a quarter million rare plants and an integral part of Singapore government’s strategy to turn Singapore into a garden city.
  • The stated aim is to increase quality of life by increasing the greenery and flowers in town.

  • Gardens by the Bay East Garden is the perfect place for a family picnic in a dream environment, with palm trees and natural flowers of any kind plus a superb panoramic view of Marina Bay, South Bay Garden (the largest of the three ) where we find trees super futuristic looking rainwater then generate solar energy, measures 16-storey vertical garden that is integrated into a surreal landscape, Central Garden Bay is a link between East and South Bay Bay Gardens, 2  Conservatories (Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest) located along the edge of Marina Reservoir, offering a reprieve from the tropical heat.





























Photos © Grant Associates


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