Playful Flip Chairs by Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Designers’ creativity seems to have no limits. It’s obsvious that they are imagining and experimenting every day since we see increasingly more interesting, funky and original products these days, which make our homes and lives more beautiful. Minimalist chairs with fanciful appearance are a must for any fan of latest trends regarding furniture design. Part of Daisuke Motogi Architecture‘s growing Flip furniture collection, Flip Series Chairs envisioned are some unusual, eye-catching examples of seats that fit very well in this category.

Thanks to their colorful look and their attractive shapes, these three series display a playful design, being a modern alternative to traditional or common chairs. Easy to integrate in a minimalist home decor, Flip Series Chairs add a fun twist to any room. What makes them special is the fact that they change function when flipped. Made of lightweight urethane, in less than one minute a stool turns and becomes a deep seated chair, a rocking chair turns to become an armchair and high back chairs turn and become low chairs. How does it sound? Take a look  at these images below.


Photos © Patrick Hauri

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