The Man Cave for the Wine Enthusiast

A man cave in your home doesn’t mean a dark space tucked off in a remote part of the house, perhaps even a somewhat converted garage. Rather, in this day and age, a considerable number of males are creating stylish man caves that serve multiple purposes. By this it is mean that the man cave is becoming something more than a place for a man to retreat to be alone or with his buddies.

If you are a wine enthusiast, and have at least some desire for your very own man cave, you can bring the two concepts together for a very unique space. There are some interesting steps you can and should take to create the perfect man cave for the wine enthusiast. The interplay between a man cave and a wine caller can be interesting and entertaining.

Wed Man Cave and Wine Cellar

If you are a wine enthusiast and also have your sites on your very own man cave, consider adding a wine cellar as well. Ideally, the wine cellar is designed in such a way that it is accessible from the man care and from another portal into the residence as well. In other words, the man cave doesn’t want to be seen as having occupied the wine cellar.

If multiple entrances into the wine cellar proves problematic, the next idea would be to situate the cellar and the cave in close proximity to one another. A good deal of the decisions associated with these issues are driven by cost and the need to construct a wine cellar that maintains a proper environment.

Wine Tasting is for Everyone

Once the man cave for the wine enthusiast comes into being, the space can be used in a number of different ways. The cave can be utilized in the more traditional activities one oftentimes associated with this type of space. This can include watching sporting events, movies, and so forth.

On the other hand, a wine enthusiast is able to engage in other activities in his man cave. For example, a wine enthusiast can have his friends over and have a wine tasting. Some men might be a bit skeptical about coming to a man cave for wine tasting.

There are tactics that can be used to ease people of both genders into enjoying the idea of wine tasting. In the case of wine tasting in a man cave. the activity can be “paired” with something else. For example, the wine tasting could be associated with a meal of some sort.

Another idea is to consider a take off on a stock investment club. Rather than coming together once a month to talk about investing in stock, the group can come together to hash out investing in wine. This is a markedly different type of investing than is the case with stocks. On the other hand, it can be truly enjoyable. The returns may be loner in coming, but if a particular vintage doesn’t financially pan out, it can be enjoyed in another way.

Upscale Features that Fit a More Wine Focused Man Cave

When considering the décor of a man cave associated with a wine enthusiast, the furnishings certainly can be something a bit more upscale than what is stereotypically thought to be standard decorative fare of a man cave.

An example of what you might want to consider is outfitting the room like a home theatre. Entertainment and wine pair up nicely. In addition, this type of setup is also ideal when it comes to watching sports events, which is a common activity in a man cave.

A more upscale man cave can up the property value of your home. The space may prove to be a strong selling point if you ever decide to put your home on the market for sale. The same holds true if you also add a wine cellar to your residence as well. The combination of the two spaces can make your home a unique property.

Wine Collecting and Your Man Cave

Reference has already been made to hosting a wine investors club in your man cave. A related way in which you can use your man cave is as a bade for wine collecting. This particularly is a solid idea when a wine cellar is also present in the residence.

There are different ways you can go about wine collecting. You can collect select bottles. In the alternative, if there is a type of wine you particularly enjoy, you can by it in quantity.


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