Futuristic Table Lamp Design -Curl from Luceplan

Designer Sebastian Bergne created last year for Luceplan brand a striking lighting object that expresses complex design thinking where form and function are well balanced. This results into creative, highly original shape that seems to pay tribute to art and practicability in the same time.


“Curl”, as it was entitled, is a table lamp with a futuristic design in the form of a half-moon for indoor use. The Curl lamp consists of a special LED module, that allow the user, through a simple rotation of the diffuser, to vary the temperature of the white light, from 2400 to 3500 degrees Kelvin. A dimmer function has also the switch at the center of the base. When the lamp isn’t lit, it’s a stylish white, semicircular object, but when it’s on, “Curl” is very bright, creating a diffused light in the rest of the room. The light, which comes from its base,  illuminates the body in die-cast aluminium, which acts as a reflector due to the opaque technopolymer injection molding. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Photos © Luceplan

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