Fade-resistant window treatment for your Florida home

Choosing the right window treatment for your homes and offices is essential not just to transform your space or make it look more beautiful.

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What if all the hard work you did finding the right window covering goes wasted when you discover that they don’t last long and start to fade within months of installation.

Treat window treatment as an investment. Florida is a sunshine state, and you would never want to lose the luster of your window coverings in such harsh rays. We should understand that window treatment help protects your furnishing and furniture from fading in the sun. With fade-resistant window coverings, we can put up a fight against the mighty sun.

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Plantation Shutters

It is not just the timeless appeal that makes homeowners invest in the shutters; they are also a great way to keep out the harsh UV rays. Please treat them with UV-resistant paint and keep them young and shining forever. They are available in many colors to add that little drama to your décor. 

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Not the real wood blinds, but faux wood blinds are also an excellent option for Florida home windows. They block harsh sun rays and are resistant to fading. You can choose from the different opacity levels to adjust the light coming in. You could even pick cellular blinds constructed to be fade-proof and act as an excellent insulator. 

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Solar Shades

These shades are a popular and trendy way to block harsh sun rays from entering your space. Solar shades allow the light to come in a while protecting your furniture and floors from the sun. They also come in different opacities, like the cellular shades. They are fade-resistant, and you won’t complain of turning yellow over time. 

So, if you’re looking for solutions to keep your window coverings evergreen no matter how harsh the sun’s rays are, seek professional help immediately!


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